Hanoi works to settle incident in Dong Tam commune hinh anh 1Chairman of the municipal People's Committee meets with authorities and residents of Dong Tam commune. (Source: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) – Hanoi authorities are sparing no efforts to settle the incident in Dong Tam commune, My Duc district, in the direction of seeking solutions ensuring legitimate rights and interests of involved parties in a harmonious manner, thus restoring security and social order in the locality.

The city’s stance is to review all processes relating to the management and use of land in the area, including violations that have already handled, and conduct a comprehensive land inspection at Dong Senh in particular and Dong Tam in general.

The inspection aims to clarify the origin and history of local land use and management and define exactly the legality of land, providing the basis for the application of legal mechanisms and law to thoroughly settle the incident.

First of all, the city requested those local residents who have taken the city’s officials captive to release the captured officials, who were just doing their duty. The municipal authorities have the obligation of handling citizens’ requests in line with the law, while citizens must not violate the law. 

The administration and Chairman of the municipal People’s Committee Nguyen Duc Chung himself are ready to engage in dialogues to reach agreement with the residents.

However, at present, there is mixed information about the incident, including a great deal of distorting and inciting information on the domestic and foreign social networks, which makes the issue become more complicated and difficult to settle.

Meanwhile, official information released by the municipal authorities has not reached many, thus failing to give the public deep understanding of the issue.

In order to solve the incident, not only the consensus of residents in Dong Tam commune and My Duc districts but also the understanding of public opinion is needed.

What must be done now is to hold candid dialogues between local authorities and people to point out the roots of the problem and seek a common voice in dealing with the matter.

The lives and health of the captured officials and policemen are important at present; hence, if the two sides fail to listen to each other, the consequences could become serious.

The highest-ranking officials of Hanoi administration have delivered the message that all wrongdoings of local officials in Dong Tam commune from the past to present will be addressed in a strictly manner.

The local residents should cooperate with the inspection process, in order to gather sufficient evidence to handle the case.  

The municipal authorities are persistently persuading the residents to calm down and adopt a more appropriate attitude and behaviour.-VNA