The southern metropolis Ho Chi Minh City has submitted a funding proposal for a flood risk management project to the World Bank (WB) for the 2015-2017 fiscal year.

Initiated by the Steering Centre of the Urban Flood Control Programme, the project aims to work with relevant stakeholders to prevent flooding and improve drainage, as well as mitigating climate change, boosting authorities’ capacity to control flooding and improving sanitation.

Comprising three components, the project will run from 2016-2021 at a total cost of nearly 461 million USD, with 422 million USD being provided by the WB as official development assistance.

The first component focuses on modernising the hydro-meteorological monitoring and forecasting system, managing flood risk mitigation data, and improving early warning and response mechanisms.

The second component is based on infrastructure improvements, including the construction of two sluices at Vam Thuat canal and Nuoc Len ditch, and upgrading the Tham Luong-Ben Cat-Nuoc Len canal. The third component provides advisory and project management services.

The Ministry of Planning and Investment will consider the portfolio before submitting it to the Prime Minister for approval.-VNA