HCM City ensures supply of essential items during social distancing

Many people in Ho Chi Minh City have been in fear of food shortages over recent days, since COVID-19 triggered the closure of wholesale markets which were linked to a growing number of infections. The city’s Department of Industry and Trade therefore identified a number of solutions to guarantee sufficient supply of essential items for local residents.

The Binh Dien, Thu Duc, and Hoc Mon wholesale markets in District 8 provide 70 percent of Ho Chi Minh City’s food supply but were forced to temporarily close due to COVID-19.

The market’s wholesalers have to transport their goods elsewhere and change their sales methods.

Modern distribution networks also played an important role in getting products to retailers after disruptions were seen in food supply at wholesale markets.

With the sound production capacity of local enterprises and solid supply chains from other localities, there have been no shortages of foodstuffs or essential goods in Ho Chi Minh City.

Though more than 100 markets and 65 supermarkets and convenience stores were shut due to COVID-19, goods were readily available at the 1,900 other shops in the city.

With concerted efforts from the trade sector, there will be no shortages of essential items during social distancing.

As the pandemic has become more complex, local people should remain vigilant and not go out to buy non-essential items./.