Hearing-impaired artists from the ‘Noi Den’ (Destination) contemporary dance ensemble are going to perform at the Pfalzbau theatre in the German city of Ludwigshafen in mid-May.

The art troupe plans to perform a piece of contemporary dance entitled ‘Ky uc tho dai’ (Sigh Memory), which is choreographed by Le Vu Long.

The performance expects to introduce Vietnamese people’s lives and arts to the audience in Germany and other European countries.

The piece features a story about a man exploring his present and past through precision and expressive movements by hearing-impaired dancers combined with light and contemporary sound.

The piece was debuted in December 2009 as part of the “Extending Views and Feelings on Contemporary Dance” project funded by the Ford Foundation and the Danish Fund for Development and Cultural Exchange.

It also made a deep impression on audience at the Hue festival in 2013.-VNA