The Hanoi-based Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases has recently inaugurated a reference centre for laboratory HIV testing with the aim of bettering the treatment for the people living with HIV/AIDS.

The centre is equipped with the FACSCount flow cytometer manufactured by the Becton Dickinson. As a reliable choice for clinical cellular analysis in laboratories, it is a dedicated system with the ability to provide CD4+, CD8+, and CD3+ T lymphocytes counts automatically.

The centre also has the FACS Canto II 6 that offers applications in a wide range of fields and plans to put into use the Vacutainer blood collection system, which is designed to protect lab personnel from contact with blood taken from HIV/AIDS patients.

The HIV reference centre was due to study the application of Flow Cytometry technique, especially for contagious diseases, and provide training on the field for lab staff nationwide to help further improve medical treatments./.