The Hanoi Stock Exchange held 14 auctions and raised 20 trillion (952.3 million USD) in Government bonds in June, increasing by 27.3 per cent over the previous month.

The yield of two-year bonds was between 5.64 and 5.75 percent per year, of three-year bonds between 6.1 and 6.25 per cent and of five-year bonds between 7.15 and 7.23 per cent. The yields of ten-year and 15-year bonds were respectively at 8.7 per cent and 8.88 per cent a year.

In the secondary market, the total trading volume of Government bonds under outright transactions reached 561 million bonds worth 54.8 trillion VND (2.57 billion USD) in June. More than 213 bonds worth 22 trillion VND (1.04 billion USD) were traded under the repurchase agreement.-VNA