Ho Chi Minh City’s travel boom looming

Ho Chi Minh City’s travel market is forecast to boom later this year and early next year, especially during Christmas and New Year holidays, affording the city a golden chance to attract domestic and foreign visitors.

With advantages in natural landscapes and recreational space, the city's tourism sector is developing night-time products and services apart from day-time ones to lure more visitors and increase revenue to its economy.

Ho Chi Minh City is dubbed as a sleepless city where visitors could chill out with a series of lively services round the clock.

In the first nine months of this year, the city recorded over 4 billion USD in tourism receipts, up 15.5% from the yearly target. More than 2 million foreigners arrived in the city, or 60.3% of the initial plan.

The municipal tourism industry is also working closely with travel agents to welcome foreigners as the end of this year is low season for domestic vacationers following the peak season in summer.

Between now and the year’s end, the department is also curating unique tours of each district and outlying district./.