The northwestern mountainous province of Hoa Binh must boost its efforts in cracking down on crime, including drug and human trafficking prevention activities, in 2014.

The task was set on February 18 at a conference in the locality centred on judicial reform and corruption prevention in 2013 and missions for 2014.

For 2014, the province will also improve the quality of judicial activities, and intensify law dissemination and legal assistance for the public.

Last year, Hoa Binh ensured security and social order, and saw a decline in the number of collective denunciations.

Law enforcement bodies brought to trial seven corruption cases with 12 offenders, and reclaimed 5.4 billion VND (over 257,000 USD) for the State budget.

Participants at the function also scrutinised shortcomings in judicial reform related to the capacity of investigators, the length of investigations and the accuracy of verdicts.

Notably, there is a shortage of lawyers in Hoa Binh, while those who are working have an average age of over 60.-VNA