Colourful lanterns have long been a symbol of the ancient town of Hoi An, QuangNam province. In the evening, the whole town is lit up with lanterns of all shapes and sizes.

The trade of lantern making has been in Hoi An for nearly 20 years since ancient town was recognised as UNESCO Cultural Heritage in 1999.

With the skilled hands of artisans, more than 10 types of lantern have been produced, all from natural materials. Bamboo sticks are dipped in salt water, then dried and arranged into frame. Silk cloths are then glued onto the frame. The simple yet sophisticated lanterns attract tourists who want to make one for themselves.

Local craftsmen are contributing to the beauty of Hoi An, so that can immerse themselves in the peaceful local life. Enjoying the simple lanterns is an experience that tourists to the ancient town should not miss./.