The Hanoi Health Department started a new project on May 19 to upgrade and expand Ba Vi General Hospital with total investment of 500 billion VND (about 23.8 million USD).

The current hospital in Ba Vi district was constructed 20 years ago and was previously part of the then Health Centre of Ba Vi, a rural district located about 60km west of Hanoi.

The hospital spans 1.7 hectares and can accommodate only 200 beds. Throughout the years, no major renovations have taken place to meet the rising demand for healthcare.

The plan would upgrade the hospital to meet the requirements of a second level general hospital specified by the Health Ministry, expecting to expand its coverage to about 4.28 hectares.

Following the first upgrade scheduled for completion in 2015, the hospital should accommodate 400 beds on an area of 2.5 hectares, including an eight-floor for inpatient treatment. The second phase of the project will see constructions of a five –floor building for outpatient treatment and technical training purposes.

According to the head of the Hanoi Health Department, Nguyen Khac Hien, the plan is part of continued efforts to reduce the overload of hospital nationwide. The department has requested the hospital to plan hiring and training healthcare staff to meet the new demand.-VNA