Microsoft Corporation (Microsoft) has recognised the Hue Star Educational System (Hue Star) as a global Pathfinder school, according to the Hue Star Chairman Nguyen Xuan Ly.

Hue Star was included in the list of 63 best schools in the world and was one of seven typical schools in Asia Pacific. It is also the only school of Vietnam recognised as a pathfinder school in the Microsoft educational system.

Other schools in the Asian Pacific region that were recognised, include three schools in Australia, one in New Zealand and two in Singapore.

Microsoft’s innovative school programme annually organised selection of the best schools for its global pathfinder school system, where modern and well-known schools around the world gathered for sharing management experience and deploying high quality training through assistance of information technology.

Under the recent agreements signed between Hue Star and Microsoft, Hue Star would be equipped with Microsoft’s copyrighted software. It would be also permitted to apply the corporation’s technologies to improve quality of teaching and study in the school.

Microsoft would provide Hue Star’s teachers and students with a fast email system, including thousands of 10GB email accounts and other online tools.

The corporation will also support Hue Star in building a digital strategic foundation, managing computer for learners and some other contents./.