The Red River Delta’s Hung Yen province has undertaken measures to preserve the Ancient Pho Hien (Hien Street) relic complex site, which was recognised as a special national heritage site at the end of April.

In a bid to protect its cultural historic values, since 1997 numerous projects have been implemented in the locality to restore Pho Hien. Repairs have been made to Xich Dang Temple of Literature, Chuong Pagoda, Mau (Goddess) Temple, Dong Do Quang Hoi and Hien Pagoda, among others.

Now the province will zone off nearly 2,000 hectares to carry out a master plan to preserve ancient Pho Hien in line with local tourism development.

Furthermore, the province has paid attention to restoring Pho Hien traditional cultural festivals, promoting the ancient atmosphere, in a bid to leverage the tourism potential of the locality. Worshipping places in the complex remain particularly popular among domestic tourists.

The Pho Hien relic complex lies in the villages of Dang Chau and Ne Chau. It contains countless pagodas and temples built in Vietnamese, Chinese and western architectural styles. A Catholic Church built in the Gothic style was built in Pho Hien in the 17th century.

The complex was also once a bustling commercial port on the Red River, reaching its heyday in the 17th-18th century, and Pho Hien was second only to the imperial capital city of Thang Long as a trading point. It was well-known among foreign traders, especially those from China, the Netherlands, Japan and France.

The annual Pho Hien Cultural Festival takes place across all the area’s relic sites. It features traditional rituals, games and art performances, bringing alive the history, spirituality and culture of the street.-VNA