Hunting clouds on Ta Xua peak

At a height of about 2,800 metres above sea level and set in a magnificent mountain range, Ta Xua commune in Bac Yen district, Son La province, has become an attractive tourist destination in recent times for adventure lovers. The land is also known as one of the most fascinating “cloud hunting” paradises in the northwestern region.

When dawn arrives, the sun shines its rays upon a sea of clouds, embracing majestic mountains and the roofs of simple houses, creating a marvellous portrait and captivating visitors.

“Cloud hunting” is no piece of cake, and requires great effort and patience. A “cloud hunter” must wake up very early to find an ideal place with a panoramic view and wait for dawn and for the sun to calmly shine down on the magnificent sea of clouds.

To have a successful “cloud hunting” trip, visitors must carefully check the local weather forecast prior to coming.

The best time for cloud hunting in Ta Xua is from October to April, during the cold winter and warmer spring, when the possibility of glimpsing a sea of clouds is at its highest.

Ta Xua Mountain Range, known as Phu Sa Phin, rises from the heart of the valley and bears the name “Dinosaur Spine”. Visitors are able to take in the movements of clouds and feel as though there’s a sea of clouds floating under their feet.

Most accommodation in Ta Xua is homestays, which cost from 6 to 15 USD a room for two people, or 5 USD per person in a stilt house.

Travellers can also set up camp somewhere along the way to the mountain top and enjoy the sunrise early the next morning.

Visiting Ta Xua and immersing themselves in the magnificent scenery helps visitors forget the hustle and bustle of the big city and feel rejuvenated./.