Jakarta (VNA) – The Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and the Indian Ministry of Coal are working together to develop and test the underground coal gasification (UCG) technology in two locations in India’s West Bengal and Rahihajit regions.

Technology Director at the Indian ministry Peeyush Kumar said the implementation of UCG technology is expected to help increase energy availability, conserve natural resources and reduce energy costs.

This technology is considered suitable for application in Indonesia and India. Moreover, the two countries have similarities in the proportion of fossil energy reserves, namely having coal reserves far greater than oil and gas reserves.

In detail, this technology will extract and convert coal below the surface into synthesis gas (syngas) in an on-site manner.

Besides being able to be used as fuel for power plants, this unconventional technology also produces syngas for various purposes such as petrochemical and chemical industries, Kumar noted, adding that UCG syngas production costs are cheaper than LNG imports./.