Indonesia invests in developing gaming industry ecosystem hinh anh 1General Director of the Ministry of Industry for Metal, Machinery, Transportation Equipment and Electronics (ILMATE) at the Proud Game Made in Indonesia webinar (Photo: newsbeezer)

Jakarta (VNA) -
Indonesia will continue to encourage the development of the local gaming industry by strengthening its value chain and exploiting its current potential, according to the Ministry of Industry.

Director General of Metals, Machinery, Transportation and Electronics Industry (ILMATE) at the Ministry of Industry Taufiek Bawazier has said that the effort aims to make the country's gaming industry more competitive globally through a high-content industry ecosystem.

The ministry has tried to strengthen the value chain of the content industry by involving several supporting sectors, such as the comics, animation, film, gaming, music, and toy industries, as well as coordinating with related ministries, state-owned enterprises, and private players, he said,

According to Taufiek, industries based on intellectual property (IP) can collaborate in product and IP development invested by the government and the private sector.

He said he is optimistic that by forming a good ecosystem for the content industry, the gaming industry as one of the supporting components of the content industry will also grow.

The director general said Indonesia has potential for the development of this industry with 52 million gamers. Currently, Indonesia is the largest gaming industry market in Southeast Asia and ranks 17th in the world.

Based on data compiled by Newzoo in 2016-2019, Indonesia’s gaming industry revenue continues to grow significantly. In 2019, Indonesia had sales of 1.084 billion USD from the gaming and eSports industry./.