Indonesia launches electronic driver’s license hinh anh 1Illustrative image

Jakarta (VNA)Indonesia on September 22 launched an electronic driver’s license that can also function as a digital payment card and record traffic violations by its owner.

The Smart Sim can record the history of traffic violations by the owner, said Traffic Police head of the Indonesian National Police Insp. Gen. Refdi Andri.

When a driver breaks a traffic rule, the violation will be recorded in the card’s chip, which is connected to the police’s server, he said.

The card will also store the driver’s personal data and can be used as an e-money card with support from Indonesia’s central bank and the police’s bank partners, including BNI, BRI and Mandiri, the officer added.

The Smart SIM will help police identify traffic offenders and learn their driving history, he said. More accurate data on traffic violations will help police evaluate traffic management and better produce policies to improve traffic safety.

Additionally, the data recorded in the chip and the server can be used as evidence in court, he said.

The electronic license is available for all types of motorised vehicles but only piloted in provincial capitals initially, Refdi said.

The Smart SIM will cost the same as a regular license, he said. The official cost to obtain a driver's license in Indonesia ranges from 100,000 IDR (7 USD) to 250,000 IDR, but applicants often have to pay more for insurance and a psychological test.

Police expect the electronic driver’s license will get a good response from the public and improve order and safety on the road./.