Indonesia posts 2.33 billion USD in trade surplus in August hinh anh 1The loading and unloading facilities at the Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) in Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta. (Photo: Jakarta Post)

Jakarta (VNA) – Indonesia’s trade balance recorded a surplus of 2.33 billion USD in August, with exports and imports valued at 13.07 billion USD and 10.74 billion USD, respectively, according to the Central Agency of Statistics (BPS).

The agency’s Suhariyanto said on September 15 that the surplus is much higher than 92.6 million USD recorded in the same month last year, hoping that it will continue to increase, and the economy will recover in the future.

In August 2020, Indonesia enjoyed a surplus of 1 billion USD with the US, 451 million USD with the Philippines, and 425 million USD with India, Suhariyanto noted.

However, the country’s trade balance underwent a deficit with others such as China (893.6 million USD) and Brazil (158.4 million USD).

Indonesia’s trade surplus in the January-August period was cumulatively recorded at 11.05 billion USD, much higher than 2.04 billion USD seen in the same period last year.

Earlier, the country announced July’s trade surplus at 3.26 billion USD, with exports of 13.73 billion USD, and imports of 10.47 billion USD./.