The Indonesian Government plans to invest in Vietnam ’s food sector, Indonesian Minister of Agriculture Suswono said in a press briefing in Jakarta about his Vietnam visit from Mar. 15-16.

He said during his visit, on the occasion of participating in the 31 st United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) Regional Conference for Asia-Pacific, he worked with Vietnamese Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Cao Duc Phat over food security related projects in Vietnam .

Indonesia is ready to cooperate with Vietnam in researching and developing some hybrid rice varieties, Suswono said, adding that Vietnam has great potential and rich experience in agriculture, highlighting its position among top world rice exporters.

Suswono expressed his admiration toward Vietnam in harvesting as many as three abundant crops from a total area of 4.3 million ha per year, producing 10 million tonnes of rice annually. Meanwhile, Indonesia , with total cultivation area of 8 million ha, only harvests two crops per year with an average yield of 5.1 tonnes per hectare and has to import more than one million tonnes of rice every year.

The Indonesian Minister said he hopes that through cooperation with Vietnam in developing new rice varieties, Indonesia can increase its rice output to 9-10 tonnes per hectare per year, fulfilling the country’s target of ensuring domestic food security and exporting 10 million tonnes of rice annually by 2015.

Indonesia also cooperates with Cambodia and Myanmar in the area of food, he said.-VNA