Indonesia's trade deficit with China increases in January hinh anh 1Jakarta, Indonesia. (Source: FIM)

Jakarta (VNA) – Indonesia suffered a trade deficit of over 2.4 billion USD with China in January, up 32 percent from the same period last year, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS).

Suhariyanto, head of the BPS, attributed the deficit to the slowdown in China's economic growth that affected demand for raw materials and some Indonesian exports to China.

The rate of non-oil and gas products in Indonesia’s exports to China was reduced to 13.52 percent (1.71 billion USD) in the first month of 2019, compared to 14.51 percent (1.92 billion USD) posted in January last year.

Besides, Indonesia’s oil export to China decreased by 4.36 percent to 184.6 million USD in the reviewed month.

Also in January, Indonesia’s trade balances with Thailand and Australia also posted a deficit at 261 million USD and 208 million USD, respectively.

However, Indonesia had a surplus with the US (805 million USD), India (650 million USD) and the Netherlands (214 million USD). - VNA