The industrial production index in the first eight months of this year reflected a better performance but inventory index was still rather high, reported the General Statistics Office (GSO) on Aug.29.

The industrial production index (IPI) for August increased by 4.1 percent against the previous month. Consequently, the IPI for the first eight months rose by 4.7 percent from the same period last year.
Some manufacturing sectors made great contributions to the index's positive growth. Notably, the ship-building industry skyrocketed 150 percent and communication equipment production went up 64 percent.
Production of spare parts for motorised vehicles also increased by 44 percent. Electronic component manufacturing went up 29 percent and crude oil exploitation was up 14 percent.
Other industries that saw positive growth included mining, power and gas, and processing.
However, according to the GSO, the inventory index of industrial products was still high. Particularly, the inventory index of fertiliser and plastic products in the first eight months increased by 81 percent and 69 percent respectively.
The inventory index of the battery sector grew 40 percent, and the seafood and beer industries went up 34.5 and 28.8 percent respectively.
The GSO experts said that production was better, but poor consumption did not improve, so enterprises would continue to face difficulties.
Therefore, besides preferential policies on commercial loans' interest rates, the Government and relevant agencies should further bolster solutions to accelerate consumption and decrease inventories, they said.-VNA