Like Vietnamese people at home and abroad, foreign residents who are working and living in the central city of Da Nang are protesting against China’s unilateral positioning of the Haiyang Shiyou- 981 drilling rig in Viet n am’s waters, according to a local newspaper.

The Da Nang Today Online on May 13 quoted Chairman of the Care the People ONLUS, Enzo Falcone, as saying that many people around the world are now enthusiastically supporting Vietnam.

The Italian man, who lived in Vietnam for 20 years, added that the international public is expressing their great respect for Viet n am because it is striving to resolve the conflicts in the East Sea through diplomatic negotiations and by peaceful means, regardless of China’s provocative actions.

Meanwhile, Philip Overton, a volunteer at an English centre under the Da Nang Union of Friendship Organisations, expressed his strong discontent about China’s intentional infringement of Viet n am’s sovereignty over its waters.

According to the newspaper, he emphasised that China might face significant losses, especially the degradation of its prestige in the world arena and in Vietnam in particular, due to its current worthless action.

He expressed his strong belief that the Vietnamese people will stop China’s intrusive actions because every resident possesses the traditional indomitable spirit and a high sense of responsibility for safeguarding their country’s sovereignty.-VNA