Argentinean and Venezuelan media on April 29 gave broad coverage to the 40th anniversary of the liberation of South Vietnam and national reunification, which fell on April 30.

Argentina’s Telam News Agency ran five articles about Vietnam, hailing the 1975 victory and the roles played by late President Ho Chi Minh and late General Vo Nguyen Giap.

It also published an article written by Vietnamese Ambassador to Argentina Nguyen Dinh Thao acknowledging the significant support and assistance peace-lovers from around the world, including in Argentina, offered Vietnam during its struggle for national independence.

A wide range of activities are being held across Vietnam to mark the milestone, including marches and parades in front of Dinh Thong Nhat (Reunification Palace) in Ho Chi Minh City. These were also highlighted in the overseas coverage.

The same day, Argentina’s Latin America News Review summarised Vietnam’s two wars of resistance against French and US aggressors.

The German media also covered this important event in Vietnam’s history, with the DLF radio station exploring Vietnam’s development in the four decades since the war ended and the New Deutschland newspaper examining Vietnam-US relations over the last 40 years.

The “Junge Welt” newspapaer carried a congratulatory message from the German Communist Party (DKP) President, who affirmed that DKP will stand side by side with Vietnamese people on their chosen path.-VNA