Foreign writers have suggested that the Vietnamese Government promote cooperation with other countries to spread Vietnamese literature around the world.

During a series of events to popularise Vietnamese literature held in Hanoi from March 1-7, international participants have shared their countries’ experience in the field.

Kazakhstani writer Bakhitkozha Rustemov stressed that a joint effort from the Government and relevant sectors and agencies, as well as national and ministry-level cooperation agreements, are needed.

Literature popularisation supported by the government will yield strong results, he added.

Sharing this opinion, Russian writer Igor Britov from the Russia Today news agency said Vietnam should focus on publishing more literary works in foreign markets by learning from the successful experience of Japan, prominently the establishment of a Japan foundation which is proactive in introducing Japanese literature in Russia.

According to Igor, Vietnamese literature is fairly popular in his country after cooperation programmes in the field were recently established between the two sides. As many as 6 books by Vietnamese authors are scheduled to be published in Russian by 2016.

Meanwhile, General Secretary of Taiwan’s (China) Association of Taiwanese Writers Jiang Wei Wen spoke of Vietnam’s efforts to introduce its literature abroad over the last decade, especially the third International Conference Promoting Vietnamese Literature.

He said Taiwanese nationals and those in other countries and territories are interested in learning about Vietnam’s literary treasure.

Jiang underscored the necessity to expand cooperation among Vietnamese writers, translators, publishers and their Taiwanese counterparts in literature promotion activities.

With highlights including poetry nights in Hanoi and the coastal province of Quang Ninh, this year’s International Conference Promoting Vietnamese Literature presents an opportunity for Vietnamese writers to exchange and learn from one another in framing Vietnamese literature in a new context.

The event also serves as a forum for Vietnamese publishers to seek cooperation and sign agreements with foreign partners.

The first international meeting was organised in 2002 and hosted nearly 20 countries. The second event took place in 2009 and drew the attendance of over 30 countries.-VNA