Mick Moloney, one of Ireland's most renowned traditional musicians and musicologists, will return to Vietnam for an evening of Irish music and song at the Youth Theatre in Hanoi on Jan. 14 and at the Conservatory of Music in HCM City on Jan. 17.

Accompanied by fellow Irish musicians Michelle Mulcahy, Louise Mulcahy and Dylan Foley and Irish poet/playwright Vincent Woods, Moloney will highlight the best of Irish vocal and instrumental music.

Songs feature a range of instruments including the uilleann pipes, harp, fiddle, guitar and octave mandolin, and dancing by Niall O'Leary – the World Champion of Irish step dance – will provide a spirited accompaniment.

Moloney, who first performed in Vietnam in 2011, will sing in both Gaelic and English. His repertoire ranges from traditional Irish tunes several hundred years old to music written by contemporary composers and songs that draw on the Irish-American experience, forged by hundreds of years of colonisation and emigration.

The group will also perform with young Vietnamese artists from the Rhapsody Philhamony in Hanoi and the HCM City Conservatory of Music.-VNA