Israeli lawyer Alon Samuel, who travelled all over Vietnam in 2011, is displaying photos from the trip at an exhibition on Tel Aviv's Dizengoff Road.

Over one month, Samuel set foot in almost every province. Amazed by the country's "incredible" beauty, the lawyer captured thousands of photos.

Anyone who has been to Vietnam will recognise many of the sights he photographed, from the imposing mountains in the northwestern region to the nostalgic Hoi An ancient town, and from historic Hanoi to bustling Ho Chi Minh City.

However, Samuel said that he was most impressed by the "friendly and active" Vietnamese people, "especially the young ones, who are very open-minded and curious about learning new things."

All his friends and other international tourists knew about Vietnam was that the country defeated both French and American invaders, he said.

"However, when I travelled to every corner of this country, I didn't see any hostility towards the people who come from the countries that were once their enemies."

He wanted to do something to show international friends a more accurate picture of Vietnam. Back in Israel, he had the idea to open an exhibit of photos of Vietnam.

His idea became reality thanks to the support of a friend who agreed to let Samuel use his gallery.

"I want more Israeli people to visit Vietnam and get the same amazing feeling that I had," the photographer said at the exhibition opening.

The exhibition will run until December 10.-VNA