The National Assembly’s Committee for Legal Affairs held a workshop in Hanoi on July 29 to hear Japan’s experience regarding the organisation and operation of local government administration, as part of the process to build a draft law on local government in Vietnam.

At the function, Japanese experts discussed at length the division of power and duties between the central and local government and the organisation of local self-governed administration as well as the role of local government in their country.

Opinions of the scholars will serve as reference for the building of the draft law on the organisation of local government in Vietnam.

The law is expected to regulate a wide range of relating issues, such as defining administrative units, determining the organisation model for each administrative level, and specifying duties and power of local government at different levels.

The draft law will be tabled for debate at the NA’s 8th session this October with the goal of to be voted into law at the May 2015 session.-VNA