Shuji Ohba of Japan is showing 29 of his lacquer works in his debut exhibition in Vietnam at the Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Museum.

"Ten years ago when I saw a lacquer painting by Yojin Iwabuchi, I fell in love with it," said the 68-year-old artist who specialises in oil painting. "Since then, I've travelled several times from Japan to Vietnam to learn about lacquer."

The artworks include still lives and paintings of women and famous destinations where he has visited, including Vietnam, Italy, France and Germany .

Japan's Mount Fuji and Vietnam's Ha Long Bay are shown in different seasons and moments, including spring and winter, and at sunset.

Well-known European destinations like Rheinstein Castle in Germany and Amalfi Beach in Italy are also depicted in the paintings.

Born in Shizuoka Prefecture , he joined the Mikuriya Arts Association in 1972.

Shuji Ohba is a member of the IAC Art Group. He has had 20 solo exhibitions and several group exhibitions in Japan and other countries, and has published six books on the arts.-VNA