The brocade looms used by people in the Central Highlands are movable, helping local ethnic women weave anytime, anywhere. Weaving a finished product takes a lot of time, with the most difficult stage said to be the patterns.

A traditional brocade weaving club has been established by local women in Po Nang village in Tu An commune, An Khe town, Gia Lai province.

The club has visited every house in the commune to mobilise support from local villagers to preserve traditional Jrai brocade weaving and develop community-based tourism in Ia Mo Nong.

The brocade patterns express the ingenuity and meticulousness of Jrai women. The patterns are often associated with activities in the daily lives of central highlands’ people, such as Rong houses, forests, and mountains.

The brocade products of the ethnic people in central highlands’ provinces are not only for their own use but also found on shelves at tourism fairs, as part of efforts to promote the traditional craft./.