Kazakhstani Ambassador: Ho Chi Minh’s Thoughts penetrate into Vietnam’s social life hinh anh 1President Ho Chi Minh (first from right) (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA)
– The Ambassador of Kazakhstan in Vietnam, Yerlan Bayzhanov has written an article sent to the Vietnam News Agency sharing his deep feelings about President Ho Chi Minh and the value of his political heritage.

In the article, written to mark the 130th birthday of the late President, the diplomat remarked that there is a commonality between Vietnam’s success in fighting COVID-19 and Ho Chi Minh’s Thoughts.

According to him, President Ho Chi Minh’s Thoughts have penetrated deeply into all aspects of Vietnamese social life. He added that all Vietnamese people exercised discipline and upheld a collective spirit, placing the common interest above personal benefit.

Apart from close collaboration between authorities, the Vietnamese people united, adapted to changes and stood determined to overcome difficulties. Such qualities were also strengthened by patriotism, he said.

Patriotism was a key characteristic of Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, Bayzhanov said, as Vietnam’s freedom and independence were priorities throughout his life and career. The late leader also placed the national interest above class views.

The Ambassador quoted Professor Vladimir Kolotov from the Far East History Department at Saint Petersburg National University in Russia as saying that Ho Chi Minh’s Thoughts are a system of viewpoints of the leader regarding the Vietnamese revolutionary process, including refined ideals from the French and American revolutions, Marxism-Leninism, and traditional philosophies in Far Eastern countries, which have been systemised based on Vietnam’s national culture.

The ambassador recalled that his father – a journalist - arrived in Vietnam in 1984 and 1987 and published a book entitled “Nation of Bravery”. He said he was strongly impressed by Ho Chi Minh’s modesty and simple life after visiting his house.

The Ambassador also said that Vietnam has built a consistent reform policy and market mechanisms to achieve political and economic stability with more welfare policies provided to the public.

Regarding Vietnam - Kazakhstan ties, he said the second President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev, attached great importance to ties with traditional friends.

Kazakhstan considers Vietnam an important partner in Southeast Asia, he said, adding that the two economies could be supplementary to each other.

He stressed that Kazakhstan understands Vietnam and believes that Ho Chi Minh’s Testament will be realized./.