The Khmer community in Soc Trang province, along with Khmer people in the southern region, hold traditional Sene Dolta festival from the 29th of the eighth lunar month to the first of the ninth lunar month each year. This is one of the most important religious festivals for Khmer ethnic people.

The Sene Dolta festival is an occasion for all members of families to gather to pay tribute to ancestors. Before the festival, Khmer families clean their houses and prepare ingredients for offerings, which are usually traditional cakes and dishes. 

After worship ritual at home finishes, a boat made of banana tree carrying a little rice, salt, and money is released into the river or canal near the house. Local people believe that the boat can bring their ancestors and the deceased back to their world.

Sene Dolta Festival is also an occasion for Khmer people to pray for the deceased and seek good luck for the living.

During the event, in addition to gathering to pay homage to their ancestors, Khmer also enjoy traditional singing and dancing after a year of hard work./.