Solutions on removing difficulties for the Central Highland province of Kon Tum in managing and protecting forests were the main theme at a working session between the Steering Committee for Central Highland Region and local officials on August 4.

Participants reviewed the situation of forests and the conversion of natural forest land area into rubber planting area in the locality under the Prime Minister’s decision 750/QD-TTg dated June 3, 2009. The reshuffle of forestry businesses and forestry management units in the region was also tabled for discussion.
Addressing the working session, deputy head of the Steering Committee Tran Viet Hung said the province should pay more attention to preventing forest fire as well as drawing drastic measures to deal with illegal timber and forest products exploitation and transport.

He also underlined the necessity to enhance the role of forest rangers and local authorities in implementing works relating to forest protection and management.

Kon Tum tops the country in forest land area with 735,777 ha, accounting for nearly 80 percent of its natural land acreage. Of the total, 589,430 ha are natural forests.

In recent years, local authorities always heeds to the forest management and protection, with the cases of forest destruction and fire dropping remarkably.-VNA