After clinching victory in the final match of Vietnam ’s Robocon contest on May 13, the LH-CACTUS 2 team from Lac Hong University will represent the country at the Asian Broadcasting Union’s Robocon finals in Hong Kong in August.

After beating Da Nang ’s University of Technology , BK-SPIRIT, in a close contest at Military Zone 7′s stadium in Ho Chi Minh City , the LH-CACTUS 2 team was presented with the trophy and 40 million VND.

This year’s theme, Peng On Dai Gat, (Peace and Prosperity), was based on the traditional Bun Festival in Hong Khong, as the metal competitors had to climb a tower to collect lucky dumplings.

The Asian Pacific finals in Thailand last year attracted 19 teams from 18 countries and territories, with the host team eventually winning. The Vietnamese team, also from Lac Hong University , finished third.-VNA