Deputies at the ongoing eighth session of the 13th National Assembly commented on the draft revised Law on Public Security, including the organisational and operational regulations on public security, as well as the authority’s responsibilities and powers on November 6.

They also discussed the procedures for joining the Public Security authorities, principles for promoting and demoting Public Security officials, the different possible ranks and positions, and benefit packages for Public Security officials.

Earlier that day, they debated supplements and amendments to the draft revised Law on the Vietnam People’s Army Officers.

They focussed on the basic ranks of officers; regulations on the promotion and demotion of the Vietnam People’s Army officers; rules on the highest army rank as General; and salaries and benefit packages for officers.

The lawmakers also listened to the Defence Minister Phung Quang Thanh clarify a number of related issues.

On November 7, the deputies are scheduled to discuss the draft revised Law on Government Organisation and the Law on Local Government Organisation.

They will hold a plenary session on November 8 to pass a resolution on the socio-economic development plan for 2015, and a resolution on the 2015 State budget estimate. The deputies will also discuss the draft revised Law on Enterprises.-VNA