Many ships from Da Nang’s Fishery Logistics Service Team No 1 made trips to the Hoang Sa (Paracel) fishing grounds to support local offshore fishing vessels when they were operating there, a local newspaper reported.

The logistics service ships supplied fuel and necessary provisions to the fishing vessels, as well as involved in buying the seafood directly from the fishermen, said the Da Nang Today online on May 15.

On May 14, a family in Hai Chau d istrict’s Thuan Phuoc w ard launched the DNa 90611-TS support ship, the second such ship of t he family. The 3.2 billion VND, 850 horsepower and 24m-long ship can operate at a maximum speed of 12 nautical miles per hour, and can store 50 ton ne s of goods or fish products.

The launch of the large-capacity mother ship has brought happiness to the family and the offshore fishermen who are fishing in the Hoang Sa and Truong Sa (Spratly) waters.

On May 15 afternoon, a group of logistics service ships and offshore fishing vessels from Thuan Phuoc w ard began their trips to the Hoang Sa waters. Meanwhile, the authorities of the districts of Son Tra and Thanh Khe encouraged local fishermen to make their next fishing trips to Vietnam’s territorial waters.

Hoang Sa is an island district of the central city of Da Nang.-VNA