Businessmen in various industries in Malaysia are pressing the country’s government to relax regulations on the hiring of foreign workers.

The request came as the issue of workers was a major concern of the country’s businesses who are facing labour shortage while the economy was improving and new orders were on the rise for various sectors.

Human Resources Minister S. Subramaniam was quoted by “The Star Online” as saying that the businesses voiced their concern that although more jobs were being offered, the take-up level was still low.

The Malaysian government had made it difficult for local industries to hire foreign workers to ensure locals had a fair chance at employment, but now, a different set of problems has emerged, he added.

Minister Subramaniam said that this problem needed to be addressed to prevent it from affecting the national economy. He also revealed that another dialogue with the employers is scheduled for next month to find a solution to the problems.

Malaysia is the world’s leading country in term of importing labours, attracting over 2 million foreign workers, mostly from Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Vietnam.

However, to protect its local workers, the Malaysian government has recently decided not to grant new licences to their country’s businesses to allow them enroll foreign labours./.