The Steering Committee for the Southwestern Region on June 28 held a meeting for the executive boards of Khmer Theravada Buddhist pagodas in the southern province of Soc Trang.

The meeting was attended by the steering committee’s deputy head Bui Ngoc Suong and permanent member Dr. To Minh Gioi, along with 150 Khmer Theravada Buddhist pagoda executive board members and the Khmer community in the province.

Gioi introduced participants the religious and ethnic situations of the country in general and the region in particular, the Party and State’s viewpoints on religious and ethnic policies, and features of Khmer Theravada Buddhism.

He warned them of schemes of hostile forces that want to take advantage of ethnic and religious issues to divide the great national unity, cause social instability and violate national security.

Results of social welfare policies, projects and programmes targeting ethnic minority groups, especially Khmer people, were also highlighted at the meeting.

At the event, Suong praised the unity of Khmer Theravada Buddhist dignitaries and followers and the Khmer community in Soc Trang province, urging them to continue promoting the great national unity and work together to build and defend the country.-VNA