Supporting Mekong Delta businesses to overcome the economic recession and move toward sustainable development was the determined aim of the 2012 Mekong Delta Business Forum held on December 6.

The forum was jointly held by the Southwest Steering Committee, ministries and central authorities, and drew the participation of over 300 representatives.

The focus of the forum was to find solutions that will foster the development of enterprises in this new phase, including promoting the role of businesspeople, restructuring enterprises, and enhancing firms and their products’ competitiveness in the domestic and international markets.

According to the steering committee, most Mekong Delta businesses are small- and medium-sized, and encounter many difficulties and challenges during global integration. Hence, business restructuring should be based on major orientation, namely increasing cooperation and planning priority fields, including expanding industry in close connection to raw material area.

At the forum, Can Tho branch of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry established the Council of Mekong Delta Business Association.-VNA