Minimum wages will increase to between 1.4 and 2 million VND for employees in enterprises from October 1, 2011, according to a Government decree issued on August 22.

Decree No. 70/2011/ND-CP says there are different levels of minimum wages for four regions in the country, with the first at 2 million VND (96 USD), the second at 1.78 million VND (85 USD), the third at 1.55 million VND (74 USD) and the fourth at 1.4 million VND (67 USD).

The new minimum wages will be higher than the current levels by 300,000-650,000 VND per month.

The decree also states that the region-based minimum wages are used as a basis for employers to adjust salary levels in the salary scale, payroll and allowances in line with labour regulations.

The State encourages businesses to pay salaries for workers higher than the region-based minimum wages./.