As many as 359 companies on the Hanoi Stock Exchange, 99.4 percent of the total, have published their financial reports for the last quarter of 2014 before the deadline, the exchange reported.

According to the exchange, most companies' 2014 numbers faired better than the previous year.

Around 86 percent of businesses (308 companies) reported profits in the last quarter of 2014, bringing in a total profit of 5.02 trillion VND (234.6 million USD), a rise of 23.7 percent over the same period in 2013.

Only 51 companies, 14.2 percent of reporting companies, incurred losses with a total value of 330 billion VND (15.4 million USD), a decline of 77.5 percent against the same period of the previous year.

Based on the industry review, companies operating in the mining, oil and gas sectors were the biggest gainers with 22 firms posting quarterly profits at a total value of 1.444 trillion VND (67.5 million USD). Mining, oil and gas accounted for 28.7 percent of total profits on the exchange.

PetroVietnam Technical Services Corp (PVS) was the most profitable code with a profit of 592 billion VND (27.7 billion USD) in the fourth quarter.

The industrial sector came second with 98 companies reporting total profits of more than 1.4 trillion VND (65.6 million USD), led by Central Hydro Power Co (CHP) posting fourth-quarter profits of 215.8 billion VND (10.1 million USD).

Financial companies also fared well last year with 24 companies raking in total profits of 851 billion VND (39.8 million USD), making up 17 percent of profit on the exchange.

Even though the construction industry's 62 companies posted a total profit value of 716.5 billion VND (33.5 million USD), this sector also witnessed the biggest number of companies incurring losses totaling at a value of 93 billion VND (4.3 million USD).

According to the year's business results, 321 businesses reported yearly profits with a total value of nearly 13.04 trillion VND (609.3 million USD), up 20 percent compared with 2013.

On the other side of the fence, 37 companies posted a total loss of 686.7 billion VND (32.1 million USD) for the year, down 80.7 percent against the previous year.-VNA