The country’s total money supply in the past five months of the year rose 5.3 percent against December last year to reach 3.899 trillion VND (181.34 million USD), according to the State bank of Vietnam.

The figure was also 3.88 percent higher than the same period last year.

Of this amount, deposits made by economic institutions at the end of May increased 2.54 percent against the 3.58 percent decrease in the same period last year.

Deposits made by individuals rose 14.26 percent, down from 15.99 percent in the same period last year.
The proportion of cash in circulation has fallen sharply to 11.43 percent from 13.71 percent at the beginning of the year.

Total outstanding loans for the whole banking system at the end of May were estimated to have grown 3.13 percent from last December to nearly 3.188 trillion VND (148.27 million USD).

Of this figure, outstanding credit to the industrial and construction sectors made up the largest proportion, with lending for agriculture, forestry and aquaculture seeing the fastest growth of 9.18 percent.

By the end of May, the ratio had crept down to 4.65 percent from 4.67 percent a month earlier. The ratio of non-performing loans by credit institutions in the past year remain above 4 percent, as the central bank released the date in June 2012.-VNA