Representatives from Taipei’s Rotary Club on August 14 granted 400 million VND (18,800 USD) to the Vietnam Association for Victims of Agent Orange/dioxin (VAVA)’s Ba Ria-Vung Tau province chapter to assist heart surgeries for Agent Orange victims.

Chuang Wen Te, head of the Rotary Club, said this is the 17th year the club has worked the chapter in humanitarian activities. It has funded 68,000 USD and over 100 million VND (4,700 USD) to aid local AO victims to overcoming their daily hardships.

Nguyen Van Nhan, head of the chapter said since its formation, the association has mobilised about 20 billion VND (940,000 USD) to assist AO/dioxin victims, adding that it collaborated with the health sector to give free heart surgeries worth 50-100 million VND each to 49 AO victims.

Since the beginning of this year eight dioxin children with congenital heart diseases have received free surgeries, and four others are expected to get free operations in the coming time.

On this occasion, the Hy Vong Garment Co, Ltd and the Hai Viet Joint Stock Company operating in the southern province donated a total of 100 million VND (4,700 USD) to the chapter to support heart surgeries to local AO children with congenital heart disease.-VNA