More interest shown at Hanoi auctions hinh anh 1Staff at Hanoi Stock Exchange enter auction information (Photo: VNA)

A greater number of investors participated in the equity auctions held on the Hanoi Stock Exchange in April, the northern bourse reported.

Five auctions were organised on the Hanoi Stock Exchange in April, including three initial public offerings (IPOs) of State-owned enterprises, one auction of share purchase rights, and one share offering in the form of direct negotiation with investors present at the auction.

The exchange reported an increase in the number of participants, with an average of 103 investors per auction, a rise of more than 39 percent, as compared to March.

As many as 310 million shares were offered for sale, of which 24.1 million were sold out, bringing in a turnover of 241.8 billion VND (11.2 million USD).

The auction of more than 5 million share purchase rights of Tran Phu Electric Mechanical Joint Stock Company, owned by the Hanoi People's Committee, was the most successful, with the bid volume being 7.4 times higher than the offering rights. A few investors registered to purchase at a price of 90,000 VND (4.17 USD), which was 5.2 times higher than the starting price.

All the rights were sold, earning the Hanoi People's Committee 298.5 billion VND (13.8 million USD).

Moreover, of the three IPOs, the equity auction of the Infrastructure Development and Construction Corporation (Licogi) of the Ministry of Construction saw the highest results, with the entire offering being sold to 106 individual investors. It brought in more than 212.8 billion VND (nearly 10 million USD), higher than the expectation of 126.7 billion VND (almost 6 million USD).

Of note, auctions of equity of those companies under the Vietnam National Coal Mineral Industries Group (Vinacomin) witnessed poor results.

Vinacomin Power Holding Corporation sold only 1.2 million shares of a total offering of nearly 236.4 million shares, while Vinacomin Minerals Holding Corporation sold just 1.3 million shares of the 46.7 million shares up for sale.

The sale of shares of Cam Ranh Port Limited Liability Company saw only one participating investor, selling just 307,000 shares of the total offering of 5.69 million shares.

According to the Hanoi Stock Exchange auction plan, three equity auctions will be held in May—one for Saigon Posts and Telecommunications Service Joint Stock Corporation on May 14, the Hanoi Cadastral Survey Company Limited on May 19, and Vinacomin Viet Bac Mining Industry Holding Corporation Limited on May 27.-VNA