More than 1.6 million rural labourers received vocational training between 2010 and 2013 under a project on rural vocational training until 2020, it was reported at a July 4 meeting of the Central Steering Committee for implementing the project.

However, the figure was equal to only 85 percent of the set target, the report said, adding that nearly 1.2 million of the trained labourers were able to get new jobs or earned higher incomes from their existing ones.

Addressing the meeting, the committee’s head Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam said relevant ministries, agencies and localities should ensure that agricultural skills offered in training curricula in different regions must be in line with directions set by the programme on new rural areas building and plans for agricultural development and restructuring in the corresponding localities. Similarly, the training of non-agricultural jobs should be based on local development plans for industry, services and handicrafts, he said.

The Deputy PM stressed that vocational courses should be organized only after the prospects for jobs and incomes for trainees are confirmed.

He requested the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs to work with relevant ministries and sectors to finalise a draft decision of the Prime Minister on vocational training in general, adding that priority should be given to beneficiaries of State preferential policies, those living near or under the poverty line, ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, fishermen and those having their farm land revoked for other use.

Participants at the meeting agreed that the project’s targets in training and job placement have not been fulfilled and called for enterprises to become involved in creating jobs for rural workers.-VNA