Vietnam welcomed its 90 million population event by an impressive music show at Hanoi Opera House on November 2.

The music show entitled “90 million hearts love Vietnam” aims to popularise all people with opportunities and challenges when Vietnam’s population hits 90 million as well as promote love and pride of the nation.

Addressing the event, National Assembly (NA) Vice Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan said Vietnam’s population growth reaching the level of 90 million is an important event, opening up new opportunities for national development.

The country has officially entered a period of “golden population structure”, once in a lifetime for any nation’s demographic development. As a matter of fact, Vietnam should seize the opportunity to speed up socio-economic development, Ngan emphasised.

With more than 62 million people in the working age, accounting for 69 percent of total population, Vietnam now enjoys abundant labour force.

Vietnam’s large population and abundant labour force have created both opportunities and challenges for the country.

The NA Vice Chairwoman also highlighted the importance of population and family planning which is one of the important factors in ensuring a rapid and sustainable national development.

Vietnam’s achievement in population and family planning work over the last half century has contributed to implementing millennium development goals (MDGs), said Health Minister Nguyen Thi Kim Tien.

Population targets have been met with the ratio of birth replacement maintained for years (2.05 children), life expectancy of 73 and population growth dropping to 1.06 percent.

The Health Minister also affirmed that population and family planning has played an important part in the national development strategy.-VNA