The Myanmar Government has reached a peace agreement with the All Burma Students Democratic Front (ABSDF) following talks at Yangon's Peace Centre on August 10.

During the discussions, which began on August 5, the government was represented by Vice Chairman of the Central Peace Making Work Committee U Aung Min, while the ABSDF was represented by its chairman, Yebaw Thanke.

The 13-point agreement includes plans for a nation-wide ceasefire and the formation of an independent monitoring team to uphold the end of hostilities. All political prisoners are set to be released while discussion over ABSDF proposals relating to democratic affairs, national equality and autonomy will continue.

The government is set to remove ABSDF from the list of unlawful organisations, allow the opening of liaison offices and hold further talks in November.

The ABSDF, founded in late 1988, is operating on the Myanmar-Thai border, where it wishes to establish an autonomous region. It is the sixth armed group with which the Myanmar government has held peace talks so far this year.-VNA