Myanmar is now ready to host the 27th Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games 27) since overall preparations are done, said Deputy Chief of Mission Hmway Hmway Khyne.

On the threshold of the region’s biggest sports event in new Capital Naypyidaw, Vietnam Government Portal interviewed Deputy Chief of Mission Hmway Hmway Khyne from the Myanmar Embassy in Vietnam about the important event.

* This is the third time Myanmar has hosted the region’s biggest sports event. What is the message that Myanmar wants to send to ASEAN as well as the global community?

With the support of ASEAN friends, Myanmar has the opportunity to host the game after 44 years. Myanmar was the host for the 2nd SEAP Games in 1961 and the 5th SEAP Games in 1969.

The concept of the 27th SEA Games 2013 is “Green, Clean and Friendship” which clearly reflects the objectives of the Union of Myanmar.

“Myanmar wishes to convey the message that we were are sincere, transparent, responsible, and what we seek above all else is understanding and closer ties with the international community.”

GREEN: Freshness, Authentic. CLEAN: Transparency, Better Understanding and Fair Play. Friendship: Warmness, Closer Friendship.

The three major purposes to hold the 27th SEA Games are to raise the dignity of the nation by celebrating such a great event; to raise the achievement of Myanmar sport teams and to raise the nation’s Economic and Social status by holding the great event.

* What are the meanings of the official mascot of the 2013 Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games 27)?

The map of Myanmar is the origin of the 27th SEA Games Logo. The ball with eleven rings represents the 11 Southeast Asian countries.

Yellow, Green and Red are the three national colours represented in Myanmar's National Flag. The yellow circle represents equality and fraternity. Green colour represents love of nature and the green economy which we are trying to develop in our country. Red colour represents courage and hard working nature of Myanmar. The circular shape represents complete perfection and endless prosperity among the Southeast Asian countries.

Owl is globally taken as the wisest, calmest and balanced animal. However, in Myanmar it is also taken to be auspicious and believed to bring forth luck and prosperity to the family, for which the owl dolls are kept at their homes as lucky charms.

The owl as the official mascot of Myanmar SEA Games 2013 has a personality: wise, calm, lucky, loyal, and friendly.

The personality of an owl is expected to bring forth cooperation, friendship, and better understanding among the participating countries.

* How about Myanmar’s preparations for SEA Games 27 up to now especially the reception of athletes?

Myanmar is now ready to host SEA Games 27 since overall preparations are done. Asian and ASEAN federation delegates have come to check and approved the stadiums and venues.

2013 is a remarkable year for Myanmar as the main venue for the Games will be at her new State Capital Naypyidaw for the first time.

The 30,000-seat Wunna Theikdi Stadium at Naypyidaw will witness the opening and closing ceremonies and all the ceremony tickets had been sold out.

The opening ceremony is being prepared for showing off Myanmar’s traditional culture.

The SEA Games squads from the regional countries keep arriving at the designated locations while some squads have been in Myanmar for a few months in a joint-training with the host team.

The SEA Games consist of 33 sporting events, providing 460 gold, 460 silver and 637 bronze medals in four different places, namely Naypyidaw, Yangon, Mandalay and Ngwe Saung beach.-VNA