National Assembly deputies continued their discussions on increasing salaries for poor and low-income earners on October 31 during the eighth session of the 13th National Assembly.

Many deputies said the salaries paid to leaders of State management agencies had drained the funds needed to increase payments for poor workers.

Deputy Tran Dinh Nha from Thua Thien – Hue asked how the NA would cope with this, pointing out that there were 139,000 State management agencies nationwide with a huge number of leaders and deputies, which means huge spending on their salaries.

He said the number of deputy leaders in these agencies must not exceed three.

In terms of salary increases for poor and low-income earners, NA deputies agreed that in 2015, regular expenditure except for salary payment should be cut by 10 percent.

They asked the Government to review a number of policies and the reason for failing to arrange funds for salary increases in order to offer them in the future.-VNA