Hanoi, (VNA) - The third session of the 15th-tenure National Assembly was held in an in-person format, attracting the attention of voters throughout the country with lively debates.

Preparations for the session were carefully made. Despite new additions to the working programme, the total working time is kept unchanged. 

Keeping abreast of realities 

During the session, discussions on political, social and economic issues, NA deputies’ opinions and question-&-answer activities addressed many pressing problems. 

Voters appreciated the NA’s activities and decisions for keeping abreast of realities. 

 Nguyen Van Lam, an 82-year-old voter in Ly Nhan district, Ha Nam province, took note of the in-depth debates at the NA, which were broadcast live on national television and radio, as well as online news websites. 

“Through TV I noticed that deputies actively joined in debates for better quality draft laws. In Q&A sessions, ministers also answered questions to the point. When they failed to address the raised issues, the session’s chairperson quickly reminded them to make clear and straightforward replies,” Lam said. 

Another voter, Pham Xuan Quang in Hanoi, said the issues addressed at Q&A sessions were practical and close to the people and received approval from the public. 

“I hope ministers and heads of sectors will take specific actions to deliver on their promises made during the sessions.”

National Assembly’s third session a great success hinh anh 1Voter Pham Xuan Quang in Hanoi (Photo: VNA)

According to Quang, the most impressive thing about this NA session was the hot debate among deputies. 

“The deputies work in different agencies and organizations and so have different approaches to an issue. The discussion provides more information, helping the NA make the right decision,” he said.

Pham Thi Hoa, a voter in the northern province of Thai Binh, said NA deputies showed great attention to social issues, such as the shortage of medicines in health care, family violence or rising prices of school textbooks, which are of public great concern.  

Strengthening public trust

After 19 working days, the third session of the 15th NA ended on June 16, completing all the working programmes. 

The legislature considered and adopted five laws, 16 thematic resolutions and a resolution of the session. The NA also discussed six bills and made decisions on several important matters. 

Outside the discussions, deputy Huynh Thi Phuc, deputy head of the group of full-time NA deputies of Ba Ria-Vung Tau province, said that even though more contents were added to the working programme of the session, the duration of the session was kept unchanged, saving time for NA deputies. 

National Assembly’s third session a great success hinh anh 2Deputy Huynh Thi Phuc, deputy head of the group of full-time NA deputies of Ba Ria-Vung Tau province (Photo: VNA)

Deputy Dang Bich Ngoc of Hoa Binh province shared her view that the reforms in the NA’s working style and the active engagement of the Government have contributed to the success of the NA session.

“This year, competent agencies will conduct supreme supervision of national target programmes and the prevention and control of the COVID-19 pandemic. Those two matters are drawing great public interest. I believe that all resolutions and laws passed during this session will provide the foundation for the government to promote socio-economic recovery and development,” Ngoc said. 

With the outcomes of the third session and the newly-adopted laws and resolutions, under the leadership of the Party, the drastic governance of the Government, the strict supervision of the NA, the engagement of the entire political system, and the support of the people, the new policies will quickly be implemented, thus strengthening the trust of the people and voters./.