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Hanoi (VNA) –  An inventory of water resources on inter-provincial river basins and national will be implemented for the first time under a project which has just been approved by Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh.

The National Water Resources Inventory project, to be carried out in the next five years, will provide data on water resources, exploitation and use of water as well as discharge of wastewater for the State management, planning, and allocation of water resources. 

It will serve as a basis for completing policies and laws on water resources, adjusting strategies and plans on exploitation, use, and protection of these resources towards ensuring water security, socio-economic development and national digital transformation.

The inventory aims to obtain the first inventory indicators of water resources, water exploitation and use, and discharge of wastewater including the amount of surface water, the quality of surface and underground water, the exploitation and use of surface water, and the use of sea water. It will develop software to manage, update and exploit national water resource inventory data and publicise the results of the inventory of water resources on inter-provincial river basins and nationwide.

To realise the target, a detailed plan to carry out the inventory will be set forth, ensuring feasibility, efficiency and synchronization, and avoiding a waste of resources.

Software for managing, updating, and exploiting water resource inventory data will also be created to connect inventory data with the national database of the natural resources and environment sector and digital transformation./.