Party committees at all levels are required to well implement the Party and State’s policy on thrift practice and anti-wastefulness under a recently approved official document as the 2014 Lunar New Year is ushering in.

Document No.178-CV/TW released by the Party Central Committee’s Secretariat guides authorities in all localities nationwide to make preparations for Tet celebrations while providing support for disadvantaged ones and beneficiaries of social welfare in a hope to bring all people a happy, safe and economical New Year.

New Year celebrations should be cost-effective, compatible with local cultures and customs, said the document. Violations will receive appropriate punishment.

During the celebrations, Party and State leaders will not be encouraged to pay visits to localities. Gifts for senior officials in all forms and the illegal use of public assets during the holiday are prohibited.

A crackdown on crime to ensure social order and safety, enhanced fire prevention, and adequate supply of goods and services are all requirements during the holidays.-VNA